Our Health & Wellness approach Focuses on

Eliminating Chemical Toxcicity- There are over 82,000 chemicals that we are exposed to in our environments, foods, water, household products, and beauty products. Although pollution is world wide, America contains and allows more chemicals in our foods, water, and products then any other country. To defend against these chemicals, our bodies surround them in fat where they are stored. As a result we gain weight, feel fatigued, and our whole body is thrown out of whack. And we are more susceptible to a host of other health problems.
Nutritional Detox Support-Proper nutrition is one of the most vital and controllable elements of your wellness plan. What you eat has a huge impact on your health and well-being. It literally changes you on a cellular level. In order to improve your body’s natural ability to lose weight, process and eliminate toxins, fight infections, reduce inflammation and promote cellular regeneration, you must have a diet based on real, whole foods.
Body Restoration & Contouring- Our bodies are effected by the effects of our environments which causes free radicals to age our bodies and destroys collagen. Resulting in body fat, cellulite, stretch marks, age spots, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Body contouring can restore your body back to a more youthful appearance and you can achieve the body you want.

            We facilitate a whole body experience Nourish, Hydrate, detox and contour. With these approaches we often get profound results!

Our Approach

The Renewal Body Experience...

Meet Our Founder 

​My name Is Noreen Quintana, I provide a wide variety of treatments that all encompass personal wellness and detoxification. I am passionate about health & wellness and helping people self heal. I have my certification as a Detox Specialist and I have been in alternative health for over 12 yrs. The body is a natural self-healer if you let it! I love helping educate people on health, wellness and what we put on and in our bodies since it is a result of our health. I facilitate wellness consultations to provide wellness plans set to each individual, continued support and also preparation of meals on a client to client basis. I am very personable and authentic with each client I take on. I believe each individual must choose their own path to wellness. I help motivate, educate and support! I truly believe wellness is an empowering lifestyle that contributes to personal happiness and growth. Remember Healthy is your choice, and your choice will set the stage for your future health.

Let me be your Health & Wellness coach.​