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Oxygen and it's Benefits

Research and news from all over the world suggests that oxygen therapy can be an important step in protecting and improving your health. Last month we shared five of the many benefits to visiting your local oxygen bars.

Today, we’re focusing on the health benefits of oxygen therapy. Research and news from all over the world suggests that oxygen therapy can be an important step in protecting and improving your health. From providing ways to clean up your air to using oxygen to fight cancer, here are some of the best recently published articles.
Another Reason to Use Oxygen Bars: Low Oxygen Levels Breed Cancer1931 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Warburg, found an undeniable link between low oxygen levels and cancer. Even though, as he explains, there are many secondary causes “the primary cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.” Low oxygen levels cells damage respiration enzymes in cells, which leads to energy being replaced by sugar fermentation. Cancerous cells meet their needs through sugar fermentation instead of oxygen respiration. Doing so keeps the cells alive but it hinders their ability to function within the body; instead, cancerous cells multiple. While this sounds like a case for cutting back on skittles, the research shows that one of the most effective ways to fight cancer is to get as much oxygen as you can into healthy cells. This prevents those cells from becoming cancerous and improves their ability to utilize oxygen.

Is Your Air Polluted?

We all know that cars and factories are not contributing to cleaner air, but exactly how polluted is the air in your neighborhood? The American Lung Association recently released a helpful infographic about the effects of air pollution and the steps you can take to cleaning up the sources of major pollution. Global air pollution (or even just the pollution in your city!) can seem like a problem way beyond your control, but a few small changes in your daily routine could help reduce pollution. Start close to home by making sure you fill your rooms with the best oxygen producing plants.Your Brain Needs OxygenYour brain, despite only making up 2% of the bodies weight, needs three times as much oxygen as your muscles do. The cells in your brain rely heavily on oxygen and they don’t function well or survive for very long without it. Have writers block or problems concentrating? Your brain could not be getting enough oxygen. One of the ways to increase the oxygen flow to your brain is to focus on breathing properly. Of course, most of your breathing is done unconsciously. But taking a few moments to concentrate on diaphragmatic breathing (deep breaths from your stomach through your nose) “moves air and oxygen down to areas of our lungs where most of the circulation of blood is”, which ultimately sends more oxygenated blood to your hungry brain.